Rum is becoming increasingly popular and also in the Netherlands. We hope the Club Rum festival contributes to this fact.

But for those who want to learn more about this great drink in a smaller setting, a rum tasting is the perfect way to do so. It does not matter if you are not a rum drinker and would like to know more or if you are already a rum lover. We hope to get you (even more) excited for rum in a relaxed atmosphere!

A tasting can be in a “classroom” setting where participants get a brief history lesson and overview of the production process of the different types of rum. Other possibilities for instance are to focus on rum from a particular country or distillery. Each participant will sample 4-6 rums.

We can also have a tasting as part of a larger event like a corporate party etc. We bring the rum for your participants to enjoy.

The price of a tasting depends on the type of tasting, the number of participants, the rums to be sampled and the location. For a tailor-made offer, please contact us via our  contact form.