You want to take your first steps in the rum world or you are already familiar with rum and you want to broaden your knowledge. Where to start? We have made an overview of bloggers, social media channels and books that can certainly help along your journey. Our advice is to, with an open mind, taste as many different rums as possible. Have fun in the beautiful world of rum. Keep on rumming!


Reviews & Blogs

Nowadays we look at the product rating with every purchase we make. So it makes sense that you might want to do this before purchasing a bottle of rum. We have compiled a list of the most famous rum reviewers/ bloggers.

The Lone Caner

Lance Surujbally not only was one of the first bloggers/ reviewers of rum but has kept at it for all these years in his unique style. Being a prolific writer, averaging 1 review a week, this also means that his site a wealth of knowledge. And do check out his more in-depth articles while you’re there.

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Rum Diaries Blog

Manchester, UK-based Steven James has been writing reviews for years.
He won the prize for best blogger at the 2018 Golden Rum Barrel Awards. He is also very active in the various rum groups on Facebook and co-founder of the UK Rum Club. He is a good source of information for all things rum being a real rum geek. He also has a fantastic memory allowing him to impress with rum trivia. He is also a fan of cocktails, so you can also come to him for a tasty recipe.

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Rum Revelations

Canada based, but born and raised in the Netherlands, Ivar de Laat started rum reviewing / blogging in 2019. He quickly created his own niche by often comparing 2 (or more) rums. And his daiquiri challenge where he uses different rums to make daiquiris is a fun exercise to try at home. 

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Cocktail Wonk

Matt Pietrek started of writing about different spirits, but in recent years almost exclusively about his great love: rum. His articles are based on great research on the subject and are therefore almost mandatory if you want to venture further into the world of rum.

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The Fat Rum Pirate

If you like straightforward, no frills, reviews then you will certainly appreciate Wes Burgin’s blogs. He also publishes a list of hydrometer tests on rum, which provides information on whether substances have been added to the rum.

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Rum Shop Boy

The English Simon Johnson writes reviews under the pseudonym Rum Shop Boy. His plain blogs are well worth a look. He writes about a wide selection of (affordable and readily available) rum which is interesting for any rum enthusiast whether beginner or advanced.

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The Floating Rum Shack

Peter Holland is no stranger to the rum world. In addition to being a brand ambassador for brands such as Doorly’s and Boutique-y, he is also a jury member at major spirit award shows. His annual publication of all major (and smaller) rum festivals is very useful!

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The Rum Barrel

Bartender Alexandru Marius Sandu has great cocktail recipes (not just with rum) in addition to an ever-growing series of rum reviews.

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Sociale Media

Social media are an integral part of our lives and, if you know where to look, they are a source of knowledge. On Facebook there are several groups where you can get in touch with other rum enthusiasts, ask questions, discuss, exchange samples, etc. These are a few of the better known groups.

Dutch Rum Club

The place for Dutch rum lovers to go for information about new releases in the Netherlands, tastings and much more.

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Ministry of Rum

The website was founded by avid rum enthusiast, writer and independent bottler Ed Hamilton. Most likely, this is the oldest rum community on Facebook.

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The Global Rum Club

Also a group with many serious rum enthusiasts and a great source of information for everything related to rum

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La Confrérie du Rhum

This group, founded by the 2 rhum agricole ambassadors Benoit Bail and Jerry Gitany, has by far the largest group of followers. They regularly release a special bottling for their members.

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Global Rum Room

A select group of rum enthusiasts who also meet online every Friday evening for serious and less serious rum topics. A fun way to talk to rum enthusiasts from all over the world.

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There are also different brand / distillery related groups if you are looking for specific information. More and more of these groups are being created so keep an eye out or create your own.

Foursquare Rum Appreciation Society

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Worthy Park Society


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Velier Rhum Lovers Fan Club


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There are some really fun, informative podcasts out there that guarantee hours of listening pleasure.


Youtube has a few channels for those who want to brush up their knowledge of rum. Often you will find interviews with distillers or brand ambassadors, which gives a fascinating insight into a distillery or brand.

Authentic Caribbean Rum

This channel is operated by the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA). Here you will find some very informative interviews with affiliated producers.

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Caribbean Rum Chronicles

Roger Barnes, a.k.a. the Rum Reverend, is the host of this channel with topics ranging from cocktails to cooking with rum.

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The Liquid Antiquarian

Dave Broom, see also Books, delves into the history of spirits (not just rum) and explains how old laws, inventions and decisions have changed the spirits of today.

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Numerous books have been written about rum. Below you will find a selection of some must reads.

RUM: The Manual

Rum Curious

RUM, De Complete Gids (Nederlands)

French Rum: A history 1639 – 1902

The Silent Ones

Rum & Reggae (Nederlands)

De Adem Van De Tijger (Nederlands)


Rum en cocktails gaan hand in hand. Het mag dan ook geen wonder zijn dat er diverse boeken over rum cocktails zijn geschreven.

Minimalist Tiki

Smuggler’s Cove

Potions Of The Caribbean

Sippin’ Safari

Cocktails Met Tess (Nederlands)

And A Bottle Of Rum

Let’s Get Tropical


There are a few sites left where you can find articles about the developments in the world of rum.


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Got Rum?

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The Rum Lab

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