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Festival Info


Our Early Birds and VIP tickets are sold out.

The price for a regular ticket is €42.35. Included is the program booklet and a tasting glass which you can use to sample 75% of all rums for free.

We also have VIP tickets for sale this year. These cost €57.95 each and this will additonally get you a signed copy of the book Rum & Reggae (Dutch) by Hans Offringa and 2 Tots.

The online ticket sale stops on Saturday 2nd June at 10 AM. If there are tickets left you can purchase them at the door with a surcharge of €5.
So get your tickets now!

Note: All prices are incl. service charges! You only have access to the festival if you are over 18 and have a valid ticket and identification.

Saint James
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Venue & Accessibility

We are hosting Club Rum at Pakhuis West, Elementenstraat 25 in Amsterdam-West. 

From Amsterdam Central you can catch bus 22 and get off at the stop Contactweg and walk 5 minutes.

It is also possible to take a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Amsterdam Sloterdijk and then change to metro 50. Get off at the stop Isolatorweg.

Club Rum is a strong supporter of the “don’t drink and drive” policy. We therefore strongly recommend not to come to the festival by car but preferably by public transport or taxi.


During the master classes you will be able to learn, in a classroom setting up to 20 people, about the process of rum making, rum-specific brands and rum styles. This is suitable for both novice and advanced rum drinkers. During the master classes you will taste 4 to 6 rums.

It is not possible to attend master class without having purchased a ticket for the festival. Tickets for the masterclasses are €13.75 and can be bought when purchasing a ticket for a session.

Please note that you only have access to the masterclass if you are in possession of a valid ticket. To be able to start on time, we ask you to make your way to the Kleine Zaal at least 10 minutes in advance.

Seminar afternoon

Time: 13.00 – 14.00
Subject: Rhum Agricole
Language: English
Presenter: Benoit Bail

Benoit is a well-known personality in the rum world. He is a juror and guest speaker at several international rum festivals and co-founder and writer at RumGazette. He is also co-founder of the La Confrèrie du Rhum forum (the largest with more than 30,000 members) and The Rum Embassy for the promotion of rum. He is also Global Brand Ambassador for the brand Depaz. Rhum Agricole, originating from the French islands such as Martinique and Guadeloupe, is booming and is loved by rum connoisseurs because of the characteristic smell and taste.

Seminar evening

Time: 19.30 – 20.30
Subject: Rum Classification
Language: English
Presenter: Arthur Morbois

Rum expert at La Maison du Whisky, Arthur fell in love with rum during a voyage to Martinique in 2000. Since then, he developed his passion by travelling, tasting and working with renowned actors of the rum industry. With Velier he worked to develop Clairin and in 2016 he created the discovery range Transcontinental Rum Line, targeting neophytes and experts. Velier is well known for its high proof tropical aged rums from Guyana and Trinidad. CEO Luca Gargano proposed another classification system for rum a while ago which focusses on production method (much like whisky) instead of using the colour (white, gold, dark) as guideline.

Food & Drinks

In the “Food & Beverages corner” of the Grote zaal you can buy various snacks as well as beer and soft drinks.

Payment by cash or PIN only.


Most rums can be sampled free of charge. Other premium rums are available at a surcharge of at least 1 Tot. Tots can be purchased with cash or PIN. The Tots are for sale for € 1 each.

At the stands it is clearly indicated which rum requires an additional charge.

Note: you can not buy bottles of rum at the festival!


Smoking is prohibited in the Pakhuis West with the exception of the Rookruimte. We will make sure to have a nice assortment of cigars from P.G.C. Hajenius for you again. So come and have a look and pair your rum with a good smoke.

Cigars can only be purchased with cash or PIN.

House Rules

Club Rum strongly encourages visitors to the festival to enjoy rum in all its glory, but to drink responsibly. Club Rum is a strong believer of quality over quantity. By purchasing a ticket to Club Rum you agree to the following house rules:

  1. The legal minimum age for consuming alcohol is 18 years. The organization and security staff may ask for identification to verify the age of visitors. Visitors under 18 are not permitted to visit the festival.
  2. Visitors are strongly advised to eat well before and during the festival. In addition to food, visitors are strongly advised to drink plenty of water between samples and occasionally even take a break from sampling. Therefore you will find water coolers throughout the venue where you can also rinse your tasting glass.
  3. In the interest of a nice festival atmosphere and especially the health of visitors, the exhibitors will not provide samples to someone they think has consumed too much alcohol. The organization has the right – either with or without giving a warning – to deny access to the festival and / or to have you removed from the venue if you, in the opinion of the organization:
    a) are under the influence of alcohol and you are a danger to yourself and / or others and / or cause disturbance;
    b) are violent or threatening others with violence and / or committing other offenses;
    c) are unwilling to follow instructions given to you by the organisation.
  4. Security and First Aid assistants are available during all sessions of the festival to ensure the safety and health of employees, visitors and exhibitors.
  5. Every ticket is valid for only one session or masterclass and this is specified on each ticket.
  6. Tots are the official currency at the festival. One Tot represents a value of € 1. Tots can be purchased during the festival from the organisation. 
  7. During the entire event, the organization will do everything possible to protect people and goods. The organization, however, specifically disclaims all liability:
    a) due to the effects of alcohol in the broadest sense;
    b) for damage to people and property, in the broadest sense of the word, by anyone or anything;
    c) as a result of transactions, in the broadest sense of the word, between visitors, exhibitors and / or employees from the venue.
  8. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the venue except the designated smoking area.